Thursday, August 17, 2017  

Just Beachy
bringing the feel of the beach indoors

In the summer months you want to be surrounded by the outdoor beachy feel. Unfortunately, not every waking moment can be spent on the beach. At times we must go inside. In the evenings and on rainy days when you wish you could be on the beach, but are forced to be indoors, why not bring the beach inside with you?
When trying to get just the right beach feel for your river cottage, sunroom, or even kitchen there are a few key elements you must keep in mind. The first thing to remember is the feelings that are invoked from being on the beach. Warmth, relaxation, and casual atmosphere most likely come to mind.

When lying on the beaches of the Rappahannock, Potomac, Chesapeake Bay, or even the Outer Banks of North Carolina there are key colors that you will see. There is the golden color of the sand, the blues of the sky and ocean, the greens of the seagrasses, and the white of the clouds and wave caps. These primary beach colors should be the basis of your room. They will evoke a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

Try to incorporate these colors through out the room. Select a color palate that will use these colors to bring your desired beachy feel inside. Choose one for a wall color, like sky blue or sand, and set it off by painting your trim white. Bring the entire look together by using the remaining colors in floor coverings, upholstery, and other decorative touches.

When selecting a window treatment stay away from dark, heavy materials. Light colored shears will give the room a breezy feeling while still adding privacy. If your heart is set on having more color in your window treatments consider installing a valance in tones similar to the color used on your walls.

The artwork in your room should coincide with your beach motif. Each piece should be matted and framed in the same colors. This will add continuity throughout the space. Make sure that the art is scattered throughout the room without cluttering the walls. Remember the open airy feel of the beach when hanging art.

Moderation should also be used when decorating the space. The feelings of tranquility and relaxation will not be achieved by throwing every beach novelty item you can find into one room; this just creates chaos. Find one item or fabric swatch that you love and work from there. A motif created by one overarching theme like sailboats or seashells will work to unite the space better than trying to incorporate sailboats, seashells, lighthouses, flamingos, fish, and such into one space.

Using indoor/outdoor furniture to decorate a sun porch is an easy way to bring the feel of the outdoors inside. Adirondack chairs, teak, wicker, and twig furniture are just a few of the many options available when decorating your inside space with outdoor furniture. This type of furniture usually gives a light, airy feeling to your space. It is also ideal for beach cottages as it can easily be cleaned, and sand removed.

Try to limit the number of figurines used in your space. If you already have a large collection of figurines display them together on a bookshelf or display case. If you are starting from scratch only purchase a few pieces that really invoke the same feelings you get from being at the beach. Place these selective few pieces strategically throughout the room, so as not to overwhelm.

In any beach room, seashells are a must! These can be either purchased or collected from the beach and stored in glass bowls or containers. Filling canisters or hurricane vases with sand and topping them with small seashells is a perfect touch to any beach room. Larger seashells or conch shells can be used as stand alone decorations.
As a final touch to bring the beach into your home try adding plants inside your space. A few beach grasses and plants like bamboo can bring a refreshing feel to the room. If the space is large enough, a palm tree, or something similar, can be used. Be careful not to go overboard and turn this space from a beach room to a jungle. Spacing and scale are very important in bringing plants in. Remember plants are few and far between on the beach and should be in your beach room.

When your oasis of the beach cannot be enjoyed, turn to your beach room as your new oasis. By following these few tips your beach room can be just as tranquil and relaxing as the beach in your backyard, without the worries of storm clouds or cold weather.