Thursday, August 17, 2017  


Q&A: Tips From Nancy

What are 5 ways I can re-invent or refresh my bathroom for spring?

Interior Innovations
Nancy Myers, Interior Designer

1. Add a new shower curtain.

A bright new curtain sets a new tone instantly. Now you can even find some all- weather fabrics which are both practical and pretty. Ready - made shower curtains are a possibility but buying your own fabric is also a great idea because you have so many more options and the higher investment may be worth it. 5 1/2 yards is the norm but be sure and include the repeat on the fabric. Add a 6 inch valence to the top and “voila” -you have created a custom look. You can also do a creative easy valence to match the shower curtain.

2. Invest in a wonderful new 2 x 3 area rug.

Make it machine washable (available at Interior Innovations always). These rugs add color, function, and coziness on your feet when you step out of the bath. They are a definite upgrade that will immediately recreate your floor. If you have a long bath, add a runner or one of the new popular sizes for the bathroom such as a 2 x 4 which we are also seeing in kitchen areas, in front of sliding glass doors and in front of hearths. Come and see our new Americana ideas at Interior Innovations in all these sizes!

3. White bathrooms are pretty much outdated.

The new white is the neutral. Consider painting grey, khaki, or if you are good with the brush, try a wash which is kind of a combination of grey and white. In the industry, we call it “River-Wash”. It is perfect for coastal areas and great for a backdrop color. You can then add color with navy towels monogrammed in white and also a few bath accessories. Use your bath accessories as part of your design scheme- wonderful tissue covers, soap dishes, soap dispensers, and waste baskets all add to refining your ideas and combining function with beauty.

If color is your thing, you are in good company. The Pantone color of 2012 presented at the High Point 2012 Spring Market is “Tangerine-Tango”. It is a wonderful clear intense orange that seems to work with absolutely so many other colors! This color researched by Pantone will interact with the  tans, white, navy, kiwi green, and even browns- look for it EVERYWHERE (and at Interior Innovations, of course). Paint the walls in Benjamin Moore Aurora (gold) and then add a Tuscan color on the ceiling. Tie it all together with a shower curtain and a 2 x 3 rug. Make it FUN- Interior Innovations will help make it easy.

4. Don’t forget your other wall option. Wallpaper!

The new vinyls are wonderful in a bathroom - totally durable and offered not just in solids but beautiful prints and stripes. They are a stunning way to make your bathroom sparkle. Bathrooms are great places to install wallpaper especially if all other areas are painted in the home. A pattern adds instant interest. You may not want a pattern in a bedroom or living space, but wallpaper in small areas can create color palettes for the other rooms or reflect a whimsy or elegance you are trying to reflect. A bathroom is a great room to experiment with wallpaper (available at Interior Innovations).

5. Reflect yourself.

Be creative here. Spaces are usually small and are great for adding collected small art and decorative wall art. Those photos that you have taken on all your vacations? Have fun and pull them out. Get great decorative frames and make a small grouping of your travels which will be interesting to all and you and your family will love them. The same idea can be created with some whimsical family shots. With one of my clients who travelled to the Caribbean, we used the small colored metal wall art objects she had collected on trips. They all were interestingly arranged in pattern and color. Her trips were memorialized on the bathroom walls.
Have fun in the bath and remember Interior Innovations for all your home and design needs. Our goal is to make it “fun and easy” and” cost effective” for you. We know how to make it happen. Come visit!